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19/04/2017 - all of the below is subject to changes

Delivery Charges:
Purchase/Service Values over EUR 80 - free delivery up to 10 mls radius (i.e. Wexford Town, Ferns, Rathnure, Adamstown)
Purchase/Service Values over EUR 150 - free delivery up to 15mls radius (i.e. New Ross Town, Duncormick, Rosslare, Wellington Bridge, Campile, Blackwater, Kilmuckridge

DPD couriers all 32 counties (Republic and Northern Ireland) EUR 11 each way for up to 5 parcels and a combined maximum weight of 25kg. Additional packing/wrapping/handling charges may arise. (So technically you could send us at least 5 strollers in one go for EUR 11 for overnight/next working day collection/delivery.)
County of the Week: is announced in no particular order and we reserve the right to announce particular counties more often than others.If an item was dropped into a local depot on a Saturday, the consignement will be delivered on the following Tuesday (in case of bank holidays the next day).
If consignements are shipped on a Friday, they will be out for delivery on the next following Monday (except Bank holidays).
Packaging and Wrapping: TPD includes packaging and wrapping in the price indications for one way only.

We collect, process and use your data in accordance with statutory provisions. This privacy statement applies solely to the use of visitors to our website. It does not apply to websites of other service providers to which we refer solely via a link. When using our website you remain anonymous unless you provide us voluntarily with personal data. Personal data is only collected when necessary for the use of services offered on the website, in particular it is required in the contact form. We will treat the information you provide strictly confidential. Without your express consent we will not share any personal information unless we are required by law. We point out, however, that in transmitting data via the internet it is always possible that third parties can access or falsify your data. If you ask us, we will provide access to the data stored about you, or delete this information. If you want to correct, delete, or view your data, simply write to the address given in the imprint. In order to inform our customers about new products, etc., we will send you e-mails only if you provide us with your e-mail address.

Registered Business Name: The Pram Doctor
Registered address: Ballybrittas Bree Enniscorthy Co. Wexford Y21 HE98       Republic Of Ireland
Owner: Annina Lebeau CRO Ireland Reg: 469904
Email phone: ++353(0)89 2020276  or +353(0)86 19 340 19

The 'owner' is the person who legally owns and gives 'The Pram Doctor' the item/s listed in the receipt to clean/valet/repair/restore. With my signature I agree to the following: - The time frame of restoring cannot be determined to a specific date. Resourcing materials and spares takes up a considerable amount of time. Also de-rusting/wood worm treatment and other procedures take time. - Mould removal involves harmful chemicals. The fabrics and treated parts will be rinsed, but there is a chance that rests remains in the material.

(1) All repairs/valeting/restorations must be paid in full before shipping or collection.  We do not offer credit. Please do not ask as refusal may offend.
(2) If you wish to have your cleaned buggy returned to you by Courier, an additional fee of €15 will apply.

(3) You are welcome to collect your buggy if we have finished the repair/valet/restorations, prior to the organised Courier shipping date (please contact us directly). However if we have already wrapped your item for shipping, the shipping fee of €15 will still apply.

(4) TPD will only be responsible for repairs carried out and will not be responsible for any other faults that may arise.

(5) Costs for fabric repairs are covered by the estimate given unless the damage requires more fabric than usual.  TPD will inform you should this arise.

(6) Costs for cleaning materials are covered by the estimate unless otherwise advised on the date of drop off/collection.

(7) Mould removal involves the use of harsh chemicals.  The fabrics treated will be rinsed extensively, but there is a chance that some chemicals may remain in the material. Also, when removing mould and mildew, it is very likely that fabrics, straps and linings can fade and it might not be possible to dye these parts. However, any dyeing or covering over with fabrics can be taken out at an extra charge.

(8) Reflective paint/colours are very likely to fade during the cleaning process.  The more persistent mildew/mould stains can cause a risk of fading fabric. We try our best to avoid this however it often cannot be prevented.

(9) If we discover on the arrival of your buggy/pram that your items require additional repairs, TPD will contact you with a list of the repairs and the additional costs incurred. We will await confirmation from the owner if we are to proceed with the additional repairs and charge for the additional costs. This will slow down the turnaround time of your items as we await confirmation, order the required parts and carry out the additional work.

(10) If you are unable to collect your buggy/pram in person as per your drop off, we can organise Courier delivery of your buggy/pram once we have received full payment. An additional fee of €15 (courier fee and packaging) will apply to the total cost for this service.

(11) TPD reserves the right to keep customer details on file for our records but we do not exchange your information with third parties.

(12) Once a buggy/pram has been valeted/repaired/restored/left at TPD for assessment, the owner has 28 days to collect or organise shipment with us after TPD contacting and asking for collection/issuing the first invoice.  If your buggy/pram is not collected/shipped/unpaid within this 28 day period, we reserve the right to dismantle your buggy for repairs/scrap or sell your buggy/pram to cover the cost of our work.

(13) TPD will not begin work on your item (valet/repair/restoration) until we receive the signed terms and conditions.

(14) Repairs to bugaboo buggies: Warranty: 3months - date on invoice. TPD cannot be held responsible for any other damage/s in chassis other than the repaired/replaced part, the condition of aging of the original plastic or aluminium parts, or any other parts or fittings that were not replaced by TPD.

(15) Replacing materials: highest care is taken when cleaning fabrics, but in the unlikely event that fabrics wear/break during cleaning/restoration fabrics, and if not determined by the owner in writing or per email, TPD shall choose the material of possible covers and fix at their own discretion.

(16) Using fittings and fixings: TPD will reuse nuts and bolts where possible. However, the use of other and/or new fittings and fixings during valeting, repairs and restorations might become necessary and TPD will at their own discretion.

Owners will read and agree to the policy stated above by handing over the buggy to a representative of The Pram Doctor/or singing a receipt/or replying by email with their name, phone number, a pick up address and time. In addition, The Pram Doctors cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to the listed items, whether damage is caused by theft, vandalism, accident, flood, fire or other acts of God, or any cause. The Pram Doctor reserves the rights to alter or change this policy at any given time. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland.


When availing of the courier transport, the following points will come into effect:

After works are taken out and the owner has been issued with an invoice or asked to collect, all repairs/valeting/restorations must be paid in full before shipping or collection.  We do not offer credit. Please do not ask as refusal may offend.

2 If you wish to have your items that were supposed to be collected from us in the first place, returned to you by Courier, an additional fee of €15 (courier, handling and wrapping) will apply.

3 All Parcels have to be packed securely and sufficiently for transportation. (bubble wrapped, padded where fragile parts could be damaged) (please refer to our website and/or to

4 Maximum number of parcels per consignment is 5. 6 - 10 parcels means that your transport charge will double.

5 Saturday pick up/delivery is possible, however a higher charge €45 per consignment will apply.

6 Extra Insurance is possible but will require payment upfront via bank transfer.  If extra insurance is wished, TPD is to be informed about the value and a quotation is to be got from the carrier/haulier.

7 TPD takes no responsibility for items that you have shipped from the owners/nominees address that may have been damaged/lost/stolen during transportation.  The owner is solely responsible for ensuring that their items have been wrapped and packaged securely to minimise the chance of transport damage.   All arrivals at TPD are photographed (condition and scale of consignment) - photographs are taken and kept on file.

8 Verification of Goods Received: signature on scanner and/or delivery docket, CON image on carriers online tracking facility, paper Customer Copy of Consignment Note in TPD file, carriers online tracking facility and information stored there.

9 Receiving your goods back from TPD by Courier:
Freshly cleaned fabrics need to be unwrapped immediately (i.e. the same day they have been returned to you) and need to be stored in a well ventilated, dry place.
b. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their items are unwrapped immediately for the following reasons:
⦁ Leaving items in wrapping could result in mildew/mould to grow on fabrics.
1 Chassis’ and wheels may be harmed/marked/de-shaped/warped/strained/buckled when left in padded and tight transport wrapping for longer than is necessary (overnight or 4days max.).

Should you suspect transport damage to any of your items, you need to contact TPD in writing (email or letter) immediately. 
TPD will not consider any claims made after a period of 2 calendar days after delivery.
c. If the owner should be absent/unable to unwrap, check, report for any reason, the owner must appoint a nominee to act on their behalf.

1 Exterior Damage
All shipments are delivered to the address to which they are consigned. It is the responsibility of the owner or nominee to take note of visible exterior damage in the form of broken cartons, rough, torn, cut, missing wrapping or other markings which indicate that the shipment may have received rough treatment in transit with consequent damage to the contents. Water damage could also harm the contents and should be looked for.
b. It is the responsibility of the owner/nominee to note on the carrier's delivery record the existence of any apparent damage.
c. The owner/nominee must take a photo for proof if in doubt of damage.

1 Interior Damage
The owner/nominee is expected to open parcels or cartons on the same day/without delay to determine whether damage to the contents has in fact occurred. Binding is the date on the Consignment Note/Delivery Dockets plus 2 calendar days.   i.e. Docket date July 1st therefore deadline for reporting any damage in writing to TPD is July 3rd before 4pm.
b. If damage is discovered, the owner or nominee has to inform TPD immediately via email - not via text message or Facebook message; (however, an additional phone call in support is helpful in order to save time). Your email should include detailed photos as proof of the damage occurred. It is important that the wrappings, cartons, boxes or other containers are retained so that it is possible to determine how the damage occurred. For this reason, the procedures for identifying exterior damage are very important.
c. TPD will prepare a report to the carrier to be used in preparing an insurance claim. Therefore it is necessary to have receipts, etc handy.
d. Frequently, damage is not discovered until a parcel is opened. It is therefore imperative that the owner/nominee unwraps the items immediately. The damage should then be reported immediately to TPD (as per 6.b) to allow them to place a claim.

If you wish to proceed with a claim for damage of goods while in transit, the timeframe for resolution of such claims is 16 weeks.  TPD does not take any direct responsibility for transport damage and will need to liaise with the carrier.  This can be a lengthy process.

TPD terms and conditions state that items will not be shipped unless the owner’s account has been settled in full.  If for some reason, payment of the carrier has been overlooked, there will be no recourse for a claim of transport damage.  The customer does not pay the carrier, they are employed by TPD.

TPD cannot process a claim for transport damage if the owner does not report and provide proof (photographs) of possible transport damage within 48 hours of the item being returned to you.  Similarly, if the owner does not supply any additional information that the carrier may request for a claim, the carrier will not proceed with a potential claim.

When reporting potential transport damage to TPD, we require the following documents:
i. The receipted copy of the expense (freight) invoice of replacement
ii. Consignment Note.
iii. Photographs of the packaging before opening and photographs of the items after opening your consignment.
iv. Written explanation of the appearance of the packaging upon arrival, written explanation of the damage you have found within your consignment.

is solely for a better mapping out of the website and quicker leading of viewers to the make of their buggy.

by booking other than The Pram Doctor's services (i.e. transport companies) you are under obligation to read their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. Any works booked by you and taken out by them is stricktly not in The Pram Doctor's responsibility and any issues have to be taken up between the customer and the third party only. TPD does not take responsibility for any shortcoming whatsover.